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Local government

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  • p24snow Council cuts: the big chillCouncils have borne the brunt of the coalition's public spending cuts, and lost nearly half their core funding in five years. Torn between raising council tax and losing their 'freeze grant', council leaders are asking voters to decide where to wield the axe next 24 November 2014
  • Knitting - Shutterstock Stick to the knitting?Charities' critics want to curb their campaigning and make the sector pick up the pieces as the state withdraws from service provision. Not quite the Big Society vision it had in mind 07 November 2014
  • Ballot posting Uncomfortable truthsWhat does CIPFA want from the political parties come May 2015? Some honesty about the fiscal position, for starters and realism about the hard choices to be made 06 November 2014
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