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Wales features

  • Reporting for duty, by Tony TraversWith a Brown premiership predicted for any time soon, all bets are off as to what it will mean for one of Blair's most cherished 'legacy' issues public service reform. Tony Travers hacks through a rainforest of reports and reviews to find out 01 January 2007
  • Running to catch up, by Tony TraversIs New Labour's modernisation agenda for public services anywhere near endgame? Tony Travers surveys the progress so far and asks whether a Brown government should slow down or speed up the pace of reform 01 January 2007
  • Point of law - Window of opportunity closes, by Stephen Cirell and John BennettOrganisations wishing to challenge contracts awarded by public bodies have been able to do so on the basis of judicial review. Not any longer, it would seem, if the decision to tender had been voluntary 01 January 2007
  • Power failure, by Tim ThororogoodThe local government white paper promised a bright new future for 'radical and devolutionary reform'. But the process has already been short-circuited, argues Tim Thorogood 01 January 2007
  • Profile - Fit for purpose - John ButlerThe incoming CIPFA president intends to apply the same drive and determination to his institute role as he has to his career and to his passion for orienteering 01 January 2007
  • Point of law - Change of climate, by Stephen Cirell and John BennettPublic sector bodies look set to face new rules and responsibilities as part of the government's attempt to cut carbon emissions. Proposals now out for consultation offer both challenges and opportunities 01 January 2007
  • Opportunity knocked, by Stephen CourtAs the UK rushes to improve the skills of its workforce, a door has opened for more private sector involvement in further and higher education. Is this filling a gap or taking over at the expense of quality and staff? Stephen Court reports 01 January 2007
  • Out for the count? By Tony TraversIn the end, 'Super Thursday' wasn't meltdown for New Labour but neither was it a springboard for success. Tony Travers looks at the party's prospects after the local, Scottish and Welsh elections and Tony Blair's resignation 01 January 2007
  • Moving stories, by Neil MerrickWelsh local authorities have a tough housing standard to meet and only one real way of paying for it: transferring their stock to an RSL. It's not a popular policy, especially for councils whose tenants have rejected any move. Neil Merrick reports 01 January 2007
  • Playing a supporting role? By Mark PriskMore than £12bn of public funds is spent every year on support for small business but to what effect? A Conservative Party task force found the programmes to be ineffective, bureaucratic and inefficient 01 January 2007
  • Rest assured, by Tom LewisThe imminent new money laundering regulations have spurred on CIPFA's plans for a practice assurance scheme for self-employed members. The basic framework will be decided at the AGM 01 January 2007
  • Healthy differences, by Noel PlumridgeThe recent UK-wide elections have highlighted the fact that there is not one NHS but four. Noel Plumridge examines what binds the different health services and what sets them apart 01 January 2007
  • I will if you will, by Ed MayoIt's time to step up the fight against global warming. Local government has been leading the way but now it must help an increasingly concerned public to do its bit. The best way is through environmental contracts, argue Jill Johnstone and Ed Mayo 01 January 2007
  • Breaking down is hard to do, by Noel PlumridgePayment by results is here to stay. But now ministers are consulting on the best way to 'unbundle' the tariff-based system. Noel Plumridge braves the details 01 January 2007
  • Citizens not customers, by Alex KlaushoferWales has rejected the Blair-led notion that the private sector should be a major service provider. Andrew Davies, minister for finance and public service delivery, talks to Alex Klaushofer about applying this approach while spending carefully and seeking efficienc 01 January 2007
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