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Features - 2005

  • Keeping the faith, by Ann RossiterCan you only feel the public service ethos if you are employed by the public sector? Of course not, says Ann Rossiter. It all depends on the values of the service provider
  • Making the most of your assets, by Lucy de GrootAs councils strive to achieve real improvements in their communities, success will depend on how well they manage their estates, argues Lucy de Groot
  • A bid for freedom, by Karen DayLocal Area Agreements are designed to give councils unprecedented financial autonomy. But will Whitehall be able to let go? Karen Day reports
  • A bumpy ride for the Tories, by Philip JohnstonAs the Conservatives gear up for their Blackpool conference next week, they face their most important leadership contest in more than 40 years. Philip Johnston analyses the policies behind the beauty contest
  • A clean sweep - Belbclean - Winner: Outstanding Team of the Year Award - Education Cleaning is too often the invisible service. But Belbclean has put an end to that, boosting staff and teachers' morale alike by transforming school cleaning in Belfast. Paul Gosling reports
  • A CPA for the civil service, by Sir Gus ODonnell For years, people have been asking why central government is not subject to the same rigorous performance assessments as the rest of the public sector. Well, now Whitehall's turn has come
  • A healthy constitution, by George Jones Backers of a civil service Act are either misguided or mischievous, argues George Jones, as their proposals will reduce not enhance democracy
  • A shot in the arm, by Seamus WardDespite record sums of money being injected into the NHS, trusts are still struggling to balance the books, with deficits running into millions of pounds. So what is going on? Seamus Ward tries to find out
  • A very civil servant, by Mark Conrad Strike-happy leader of the 'awkward squad' or arch-pragmatist sticking up for the underdog? Mark Conrad meets PCS general secretary Mark Serwotka
  • A very social problem, by Judy HirstNever one to shrink from a challenge, David Blunkett has taken the incapacity benefit bit between his teeth. Judy Hirst reports on the work and pensions secretary's controversial measures to get claimants 'off the sofa' and into jobs
  • All to pay for, by David HardingLondon won the right to stage the 2012 Olympics on the strength of the legacy that it will leave behind for deprived areas such as east London. So will transport, housing and other facilities be transformed after the £3.8bn gold rush? David Harding reports
  • An outside edge? By Maria McHale Civil servants need to get out more and they are. Now middle managers are going to the private sector while its high flyers join Whitehall. Maria McHale meets the change-makers
  • Analysis Cutting it fine, by Carl Emmerson and Christine Frayne So the chancellor has managed just to keep within his fiscal rules. But his Pre-Budget Report lays the ground for spending cuts that will leave little funding for services other than the government's priorities
  • Analysis - Taxing times for the golden rule, by Christine FrayneThe chancellor is pledged to a surplus of revenues over current spending in any economic cycle. But with the cycle ending in 2005/06 it looks increasingly unlikely that he will be able to achieve this without tax increases
  • Analysis  Who dares, wins, Don PeeblesEngland is still dragging its feet on change. But there's no need for Scotland to wait. It should grasp the political nettle and go its own way
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